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Värdelös - Prot Warrior - DENIED Empty Värdelös - Prot Warrior - DENIED

Post  Vardeloos on Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:25 am

1. IRL Name : Niklas
2. Age : 17
3. Country : Sweden
4. Gender: Male
5. Activity - (How often are you online and how often are you planning to attend raids?) : I'm online almost everyday, except when i got homework to do
6. Past WoW details - (Any other information we need to know about you – wife/kids/parents limiting your time, job that require you to show up in ½hr etc.) :

1. Ingame name : Värdelös
2. Class, Race and Talent spec : Warrior, Orc, Prot 5/8/58
3. Level : 80
4. Do you have any friends in Connected Therapy or someone who can vouch for you : Gördelpojken is my IRL Firend Very Happy
5. Experience pre-tbc/tbc/wotlk - (Please also include with which character – the one you are applying with, or an alt/previous main) : Raided Kara, Za and started with SSC with my warr as tank and i've raided MC and onyxia with a warlock Smile In wotlk i've Cleared Nax 10, VoA 10/25, Obsidian 10/25, and cleared Arachnid quarter and Plague quarter, but i've read the tacts for all quarters and they're almost the same as Nax 10 Smile
6. Professions : Mining(450/450) & Skinning(450/450)
7. Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Darksorrow&n=V%C3%A4rdel%C3%B6s
8. Description of your gear : I still have some heroics epics, but i have shield, weapon, and trinket from nax. i've rolled really low on the latest raids :/
9. What buffs ( pots, elixirs, flasks, food, casting buffs ) will you use in raid ( name them ) : Flask of Stone blood(+650 hp), Runic Healing potion, Commanding shout//Battleshout, 30 stam food and hit/crit( don't remember the name).
10. You will need to have Deadly Boss Mods and Omen at least, do you have them : Yep and they're up to date Wink
11. What other addons are you using : well i use alot of interface addons like - Simpleminimap, Bartender4, Xperl, Recount, Smartbuff, Optitaunt, Itemrack, Atlasloot, Gatherer, Btex
12. Do you have a working mic : Yes
13. Do you have a stable internet connection : Yes
14. What is your total /played time : 72 days 19 Hours


You will be requried to have Ventrilo (verison 3.0.x) do you have, or can you get it? If no, tell us why : I have the newest VentriloMix Smile

Former guilds ( name ) and why did you leave them : Förstör inte Vänskapen(IRL Guild), Filth(Can't remember why i left this guild xD), Reverze(Left because they didn't speak English in Vent so that was really annoying)

Why do you want to join Connected Therapy : I've heard some friends that raided with you and heard from Gördelpojken that you are a good guild, so i wanted to give it a shot and see if you needed a tank ^^

How often can you play? any special times/days : As i said before i can play almost everyday except when i have too much homework to do

What is your expectations of Connected Therapy : Serious and skilled players, a lot of nice raids, fun and nice peapole and a little piece of humour!

What can you offer to the guild : I will protect the guild from the evil things in wow and I will cheer you up when your in a bad mood

What do you think is your role in raid : Tank mobs/bosses, Mark if i'm Maintank

Personal notes (optional) : I'm always Happy, I will never complain Very Happy


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Värdelös - Prot Warrior - DENIED Empty Re: Värdelös - Prot Warrior - DENIED

Post  Ruminas on Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:47 pm

Hm since CL couldn't answer to you I will.
Thanks for application but we are full on prot warrs atm, good luck in finding a proper guild


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