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Application-Gördelpojken, Mage - ACCEPTED Empty Application-Gördelpojken, Mage - ACCEPTED

Post  Gördelpojken on Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:01 am

1. IRL Name : Viktor
2. Age : 17
3. Country : Sweden
4. Gender: Male
5. Activity - (How often are you online and how often are you planning to attend raids?) : I play around 30 h a week. I have time to raid 3-4 times a week. I'm very active and often online for raids.
6. Past WoW details - (Any other information we need to know about you – wife/kids/parents limiting your time, job that require you to show up in ½hr etc.) : Well I do play in a football team, and sometimes we got matches on random days. I don't think this will be a big problem, but good to know.
1. Ingame name : Gördelpojken
2. Class, Race and Talent spec : Arcane 57/3/11
3. Level : 80
4. Do you have any friends in Connected Therapy or someone who can vouch for you : Not that I know of, but my irl friend Gottfrid played with you for a while ago, if you remember him.
5. Experience pre-tbc/tbc/wotlk - (Please also include with which character – the one you are applying with, or an alt/previous main) : In pre-tbc I did Onyxia, ZG, AQ20 (That's what I remember atleast) TBC; Kara, ZA, SCC, MH, TK and WOTLK; Naxx 10 and 25 man, OS 10 and 25 man, Voa 10 and 25 man (easymode I know ^^) Not done Malygos but I have read the tacts many times.
6. Professions : Mining 450
7. Armory link:
8. Description of your gear : The most of it from HC:s and Naxx normal. Some items from other places, don't really remember.
9. What buffs will you use in raid ( name them ) : Elixir of Frostwhyrm and some Firecracker salmon.
10. You will need to have Deadly Boss Mods and Omen at least, do you have them : Yes ofcourse.
11. What other addons are you using : A lot of addons, x-perl, recount, quartz, cooldowntimers 2 and some more non-important
12. Do you have a working mic : Yesbox.
13. Do you have a stable internet connection : The finest.
14. What is your total /played time : 36 days, 8 hours.


You will be requried to have Ventrilo (verison 3.0.x) do you have, or can you get it? If no, tell us why : I got it.

Former guilds and why did you leave them : Some friend and social guilds wich I have left to raid more seriously, Elak wich I left cuse I diddn't enjoy the feeling of beeing in the guild (Diddn't like the officers) NordicBattleGroup, I left cuse at that time I diddn't had time to raid. Right now I'm in Reverze, I like my guild, but if I get to join Connected Therapy, I would be very very pleased.

Why do you want to join Connected Therapy : Well Connected Therapy is a respected guild on Darksorrow, and I would love to be a proud member of your fine guild. It would please my a lot to share my experience in this game with skilled players.

How often can you play? any special times/days : Your raidtimes fits me good, though Wednesdays is the only day I can't raid.

What is your expectations of Connected Therapy : Serious and skilled players, a lot of nice raids, fun and nice peapole and a little piece of humour!

What can you offer to the guild : A Arcane Blaste wich damage never seen before!!! No but seriously, a good and motivated players who fits good in a group of diffrent people. A good teamworker, and a player who's 3 years in WoW will show his exp!

What do you think is your role in raid : Crush the mobs

Personal notes (optional) : Craaaaaazzyyyyy, and nice Smile


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Application-Gördelpojken, Mage - ACCEPTED Empty Re: Application-Gördelpojken, Mage - ACCEPTED

Post  Ruminas on Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:09 pm

I can tell you that I don't like 2 things on your mage, first is green gems, and second is professions, skinning isn't maybe that bad sine its gives crit rating but you didn't even max it, but I am certain you don't need 500HP for anything, second thing is green quality gems blue quality ones are not that expensive.

I will have a chat with officers about giving you a trial, but if we do invite you I expect those things to be fixed asap.


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Application-Gördelpojken, Mage - ACCEPTED Empty Re: Application-Gördelpojken, Mage - ACCEPTED

Post  Oxzide on Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:34 pm

Accepted and invited.

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Application-Gördelpojken, Mage - ACCEPTED Empty Re: Application-Gördelpojken, Mage - ACCEPTED

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