Runtaid [Holy Priest] Application - ACCEPTED

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Runtaid [Holy Priest] Application - ACCEPTED

Post  Runtaid on Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:40 pm

1. IRL Name :Peter
2. Age : 25
3. Country : UK
4. Gender: Male
5. Activity - (How often are you online and how often are you planning to attend raids?) : 4-5hours a night, 3 raids a week
6. Past WoW details - (Any other information we need to know about you – wife/kids/parents limiting your time, job that require you to show up in ½hr etc.) : Have 3 lvl 70's on oceanic server Khazgoroth, couldn't play on oceanic anymore because of work, started runtaid on darksorrow in october. Work in a family business so job may require me to work late or in short notice once in a blue moon, but its my livelyhood so i have to do it.

1. Ingame name : Runtaid
2. Class, Race and Talent spec : Priest, Undead , Holy
3. Level : 80
4. Do you have any friends in Connected Therapy or someone who can vouch for you : don't think so, quite new to the server
5. Experience pre-tbc/tbc/wotlk - (Please also include with which character – the one you are applying with, or an alt/previous main) : All of these are with previous characters, but if u check out runtaid(Holy priest), runtlington(Rogue), Runtie(Prot warrior) on american armoury u can check. MC, ZG, ZA, Kara, SSC, TK, MH, AQ(20)
6. Professions : Inscription 444/450, Enchanting 377/450(Dropped herbing over the weekend to pick up a more friendly raiding prof, ring chants Smile )
7. Armory link:
8. Description of your gear : Not the best but i know where i'm going to get better before i venture into naxx, I set targets on things and go and get them.
9. What buffs ( pots, elixirs, flasks, food, casting buffs ) will you use in raid ( name them ) : Mighty Rhino Dogs, Flask of distilled wisdom or flask of mighty mojo. Distilled wisdom might look like a funny choice, but with the change to regen, int is a great thing to have Smile. Buffs, give me them all Smile, rather wisdom over kings but thats just a preference.
10. You will need to have Deadly Boss Mods and Omen at least, do you have them : yes
11. What other addons are you using : grid, quartz
12. Do you have a working mic : yes
13. Do you have a stable internet connection : yes
14. What is your total /played time : not sure on this toon, as i'm at work at the minute, prob around the 15days mark, have over 400 if u include my oceanic toons, and over 120 of them are on a holy priest


You will be requried to have Ventrilo (verison 3.0.x) do you have, or can you get it? If no, tell us why : i do have it

Former guilds ( name ) and why did you leave them : I'm in Somnium atm but that was just to find a home at 80 for a while, tey don't raid and have no vent to i'm not that bothered about leaving.

Why do you want to join Connected Therapy : Raiding, To see content, For some fun and socialising, and to have reliable people to do heroics/raids with.

How often can you play? any special times/days : don't play wednesdays, friday, or saturday nights as i'm visiting my girlfriend, she plays wow too, but she has 5 lvl 70's on the oceanic server, i got beat

What is your expectations of Connected Therapy : Commited to progressing through content but at the same time having fun.

What can you offer to the guild : A quality reliable healer, who is into theorycraft and is good at tactics, i've been an officer in my oceanic guild for 2 years.

What do you think is your role in raid : Group healing, making sure i don't die to stupid things, and if u'll let me i'll tank heal as well.

Personal notes (optional) : Working man, got a degree in computer science and a masters in management, interested in how management applys in wow, which it does, into my sports, LOVE rugby, so i may be away a weekend or 2 in feb/march for the 6 nations matches. Support liverpool in football, top of the league Smile. My girlfriend also plays wow and has a ret pali who recently hit 80, she more experienced in wow than me lol.

p.s. I'll be continuing running heroics and gaining gear from places, As u can see i have invested heavily in buying boe epics and will soon be enchanting all my gear up to raiding specs, after i get my enchanting up, which should take until this weekend.

Hope to hear back fom u soon. Thanks


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Re: Runtaid [Holy Priest] Application - ACCEPTED

Post  Uzume on Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:28 pm

Very nice application mate. At the moment we can do with another holy priest. Supporting Liverpool is always a plus Smile
Whisper me ( Uzume ) when u see me online so i can invite u, as u have been accepted on trial.

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